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Low Testosterone Treatments In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Low Testosterone Treatment - Low T Clinic in Ft Lauderdale Florida - lowtAs men age, their bodies typically begin to decrease the level of testosterone produced.

There can be any number of causes for this, and many men just accept that it is a natural part of aging. However, this is not entirely accurate, and men who suffer from low testosterone may be able to address the issue with testosterone therapy.

What Does Testosterone Deficiency Look Like?

Testosterone deficiency does not have any single telltale symptom. Some symptoms may be present in some men who suffer from it, but not in others.  The symptoms can vary in severity from man to man, depending on a number of factors.

For this reason, it’s challenging to definitively diagnose a man as suffering from low testosterone unless he visits his medical provider and is diagnosed as such. Men who suffer one or more of the following symptoms may be suffering from low testosterone:

  • Decreased sex drive.  Probably the foremost symptom of low testosterone is a decrease in a man’s sex drive.  A man who finds his sex drive dropping—whether suddenly or over a lengthy period of time—should talk to his doctor, particularly if he is over the age of 35.  A testosterone deficiency could very well be the cause.
  • Loss of hair.  Testosterone causes the growth of hair all over a man’s body.  If this hair begins to fall out, it might be due to declining testosterone levels.
  • Weakness and diminishing muscle tone.  The muscles in a man’s body are larger and stronger than those in a female because the male body has higher testosterone levels.
  • Weight gain.  Although there can be a number of reasons a man gains weight, one of them is a decrease in testosterone.
  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection.  Similarly to the decrease in sex drive, erectile dysfunction frequently finds its source in low testosterone levels.
  • Mood and psychological symptoms.  Men who suffer from depression, irritability, lethargy, difficulty concentrating, fatigue or an overall decrease in confidence or feelings of well-being may be suffering from decreased testosterone.

Being Diagnosed with Low Testosterone

Since there can be many causes of the above symptoms, men who suffer from one or more of them should talk to a medical professional.  The doctor will run a series of tests to rule out other causes.  Once he confirms that a man is suffering from testosterone deficiency, he will talk with the patient about his treatment options.

Every man is different, so the treatment plan the doctor comes up with will be tailored specifically to that specific patient. If testosterone therapy is part of that plan, the dosage level will vary depending on the degree of hormone loss the man has experienced.

Testosterone Therapy Can Help Men Who Suffer From Low Testosterone

Many men find that testosterone therapy is exactly what they need to recapture their energy, sex drive and overall sense of well-being.  Given that low testosterone is causing their issues, it stands to reason that restoring their testosterone levels to normal would result in a return to their normal condition. The physicians at Preferred Men’s Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL will accurately diagnose if your issues are caused by Low T and offer a safe and effective treatment option if so.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of Low-T, call us today.  You don’t have to suffer through this alone.

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