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Customized healthy living program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Healthy Living Program For Men - Ft Lauderdale Florida | Preferred Men's - bikingFor those individuals who find themselves in the position of needing to start anew with their lifestyle choices, Preferred Men’s Medical Center offers customized programs tailored to each individual.

Whether it’s due to a prolonged period of inactivity, a lack of knowledge on healthy lifestyle choices, recovery from surgery or other injuries, etc., sometimes people just need to start over with a new, healthier lifestyle.

At Preferred Men’s Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we focus on each person’s unique health needs and considerations. We craft a comprehensive, multi-faceted healthy living plan that suits each person’s situation, and we assist with the implementation and follow-through of this plan.

Men Can Now Take Charge of Their Health

Men tend to live shorter lives than their female counterparts. In particular, men die from cardiovascular-related causes at a rate 42% higher than women do.  While some of the factors in this come from simple genetics, a great many of them involve environmental factors, including lifestyle choices.

Men do not have to resign themselves to a future involving diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Nor do they have to accept that they will die earlier than women.  On the contrary, research shows that most of the elements involved in male mortality rates can be changed through the use of proper screening tools, lifestyle changes and proper treatment.

The Preferred Men’s Medical Center Customized Healthy Living Program helps equip men with the tools they need to take charge of their health.  By proactively addressing each man’s unique medical situation, the program allows men to take the steps they need to live longer and fuller lives.

Our diagnostic tests give men the information they need to avoid preventable health issues, recognize and address issues that cannot be prevented and develop strategies to maximize their health and energy.  By recognizing what can and cannot be changed in each man’s situation, we give men the ability to choose the lifestyle path that suits their own situation best.

What to Expect During Your Initial Assessment

Men who come to us for a Customized Healthy Living Program are first given a thorough assessment.  During this assessment, we consider things such as medical history, lifestyle choices, wellness goals, hormone levels, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, stress indicators, urinary issues and so on.  The assessment is much more detailed than a typical physical examination.

Men should be prepared to answer questions regarding any supplements or prescription medications they are taking.  We will also inquire into food choices, exercise activities and any other general activities that tend to affect a man’s health.

Based on our assessment and the goals of the man in question, we will come up with a comprehensive plan for achieving and maintaining peak physical fitness and health.  The plan allows men to become proactive with their health and can be utilized as part of a set of tools designed to help a man become (and remain) healthy.

Take Action to Regain Your Health Today

While every person’s physical needs are slightly different, every person needs to work toward achieving better health.  Men who come to Preferred Men’s Medical Center are provided with the tools and knowledge they need to take steps towards a better, longer life.

The benefits of embarking on a journey towards better fitness and health are many.  From the more immediate ones such as feeling better, improving one’s appearance and increasing confidence, to the long-term ones such as saving on medical costs down the road, a physical fitness plan simply makes sense.

If you’re ready to get your weight back under control, call us today.  We have customized weight loss plans you can stick to.

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