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Whiskey Dick: How Alcohol Can Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

Whiskey Dick How Alcohol Can Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

After a romantic date night in town, you’re eager to cap off the night with some passion-infused sex with your partner.

However, there’s one problem: you can’t get your manhood up and going. This problem persists for minutes on end until finally, your partner unceremoniously decides to call it a night, leaving you high and dry.

While you lay in bed sulking at the missed opportunity, the most surprising thing happens: your erection miraculously returns. Unfortunately, your partner is fast asleep, and you’re left alone in your thoughts and reminiscing on what-could-have-been.

While there’s certainly an entire lifetime to show love to your partner, you’re left wondering why you couldn’t get your erection to work at that crucial period. You were definitely sexually aroused, but why didn’t your body participate?

There could be one simple answer to your dilemma: an unfortunate case of whiskey dick.

Let’s look into what whiskey dick is, the science behind it, how this phenomenon could dampen sexual intercourse, and ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

What is a Whiskey Dick?

A whiskey dick, or alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction, is a type of sexual dysfunction that occurs after you drink too much alcohol.

While not a proper medical term, “whiskey dick” is often thrown around when a man can’t get his erection up and going. This is despite the fact that the man himself has a sexual desire and willingness to participate in sex.

This term is used loosely to describe erectile problems at any severity, from mild cases where the erection is simply weak to a complete absence of an erection.

While this case is often temporary, excessive alcohol binging can be detrimental to your long-term health. It can go so far as to permanently affect the way you have your erection.

Why Does Whiskey Dick Happen?

Alcohol is a depressant, which is a type of substance that diminishes arousal and stimulation. As such, alcohol affects the central nervous system (CNS), decreasing the speed at which signals are sent between the body and the brain.

Low doses of alcohol tend not to cause severe impairment in sexual function. In fact, when people are at their drunken sweet spot, they may feel a decrease in inhibition and anxiety, which may favorably affect their sexual encounters.

However, when a man drinks too much alcohol, his coordination and motor skills get slowed down to a considerable degree. A man’s sexual performance takes a huge blow from this, but that’s not all alcohol does. As this intoxicating depressant slows down the brain signals to various organs, erection-forming body parts, in turn, receive fewer commands, leading to a bad case of whiskey dick.

Alcohol is also a diuretic, which helps speed up the process of removing fluids out of your renal system. This canresult in dehydration and decreased blood flow due to decreased blood volume in the body, which can further exacerbate ED symptoms since a healthy erection requires an ample amount of blood flow to the pelvic region.

Fortunately, this case is usually only temporary if you hydrate yourself with water, lasting no longer than a few hours. As a person starts to sober up and expels alcohol out of his body, he starts to regain his consciousness and his ability to maintain and attain an erection.

What’s The Optimal Alcohol Limit?

Everyone has a different set of factors to take into account, so a sweeping amount is unobtainable. Some people may naturally metabolize faster than others, so they could have a higher upper limit than average. Others could be drunk more easily, which can reduce the volume of their recommended intake.

That said, the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that men should take no more than 2 drinks in a day. That said, drinking no alcohol at all is the best way to keep your health in top shape.

People who possess the following characteristics are discouraged from drinking alcohol:

  • People who take certain medications
  • People who have chronic illnesses
  • Patients with addictive personalities
  • Patients with an alcohol disorder

Drinking alcohol excessively no matter your health history can cause long-term health problems. Contact a doctor for a more thorough assessment of your health and ability to drink alcohol.

What to Do About Whiskey Dick?

When you’re erection fails to show up, it’s best to be upfront to your potential sexual partner about it. You can tell them that you have consumed a bit too much alcohol and are now suffering from its side effects.

Another option you can consider is to please your partner through other means. If you’re still aroused, you can still engage in other physically intimate activities that don’t involve sexual intercourse.

These may include:

  • Oral sex
  • Erogenous foreplay
  • Cuddling

If you want to engage in penetrative sex at a later time, drink water to dilute the alcohol circulating in your bloodstream.

How to Prevent Whiskey Dick in the Future

How to Prevent Whiskey Dick in the Future

If you’ve had a negative experience with alcohol-induced sexual dysfunction in the recent past, you can make active attempts to reduce the chances of it happening again.

Here are some things you can consider doing to minimize the possibility of whiskey dick:

  1. Eat more food before drinking alcohol.
  2. Limit your alcohol intake to recommended levels.
  3. Drink at a slower pace.
  4. Drink water instead of alcohol.
  5. Don’t mix alcohol with medication and recreational drugs.

If the above lifestyle changes do not resolve the issue, consider consulting the guidance of an erectile dysfunction specialist.

By pacing yourself, you can enjoy the effects of alcohol without it destroying the rest of your night with its erection-stopping properties.

If you need further assistance, a doctor may be able to point out the best course of action to take to enjoy an active sex life that isn’t completely devoid of alcohol consumption.

Contact a Leading Erectile Dysfunction Center for Medical Guidance

Contact a Leading Erectile Dysfunction Center for Medical Guidance whiskey dick ED

A whiskey dick can be a frustrating way to end a good night. However, by limiting your intake and pacing yourself right, you can enjoy a not-so-sober night and a good round of sex later on.

Don’t be ashamed of this condition. Whiskey dick is a common occurrence and can happen to anyone.

If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction in any form, contact the team at Ft. Lauderdale’s Preferred Men’s Medical Center now to schedule an appointment to have a consultation with an experienced and specially trained medical staff. We are South Florida’s leading men’s clinic providing ED therapy, PE therapy, Acoustic Wave therapy, Low Testosterone therapy, and much more.

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