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Male Sex Myths: Debunking the Most Common Myths for Men

male sex myths debunking common myths for men

You may assume that putting sex ed in the educational curriculum would finally mean that the public is more well-informed about sex.

Although it may be tempting to assume so, sadly, this isn’t the case.

There are still a large number of misconceptions that get passed around unknowingly.

While many are harmless quips, some of these ideas can encourage men to perform harmful risks in the bedroom believing what they’re doing is safe, even when it’s not.

Don’t fall prey to these falsehoods. Here are 6 of the most common sex myths for men, alongside their respective truths.

Sex Myth: Masturbating Means You Aren’t Sexually Interested in Your Partner

The Truth: Masturbation means that you’re a healthy, normal human being.

It’s natural to masturbate, and it’s even considered an important aspect of healthy sexual development. No matter how often you do it or how long you know your partner, masturbating is perfectly healthy as a form of sexual expression.

Humans are sexual beings—and seeing your partner rubbing one out shouldn’t immediately raise red flags. Many people believe that having a partner that masturbates in a relationship means that they aren’t sexually interested in their partner any longer. This isn’t the case and no partner should take this act as anything else otherwise, at least not on its own.

That said, a masturbation addiction is a different story. If you are suffering from a chronic and helpless addiction to masturbating, consult a medical professional for a consultation to seek treatment.

Sex Myth: On Average, Men Think About Sex Every Seven Seconds

sex myth men think about sex every seven seconds

The Truth: Men think about sex 19 times a day on average.

You might’ve heard in passing that men think about sex every 7 seconds. While some may think of such a statement as absurd, others don’t necessarily refute the claim. Some may even encourage it, reveling in the idea of one’s promiscuity.

But the reality is considerably less spicy than that. Sexy thinking still shrouds our minds, but it only pops up every hour or so of our waking lives on average—or about 19 times a day, to be accurate. Sure, there may be days where you can’t seem to shake that libido away, but that won’t be all of the days.

Sex Myth: Sex is Exactly Like Porn

The Truth: Sex goes beyond what you see on screen.

Porn reinforces harmful and stigmatizing ideas about oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex that are often disconnected from the wonderful experience shared in the bedroom. For many young people and adolescents, particularly, porn might convey the impression that women’s bodies are always hairless or that they can achieve mind-blowing orgasms from harder erections in a matter of minutes—even if this isn’t always true.

Porn misses out on the following realities of sex in the bedroom:

  • Constant fumbling
  • Falling off the floor
  • Getting thirsty or tired
  • Having pets around

The fantasies of porn fail to address these tiny details as they’re usually flaws that break the immersion of sexual activity.

But if there’s one takeaway you need to know, it’s this: sex isn’t always going to be a perfect experience you’re hoping for, nor does it have to be. Communication is key in ensuring that you’ll have a good time with your partners.

Sex Myth: Sex Is Only Good When You Get an Orgasm

The Truth: The couple is the arbiter of what’s enjoyable or not.

While no one’s denying the euphoric pleasures an orgasm can bring, it’s not the only way to conclude a sexual encounter.

Having a physical and intimate connection with your partner, on its own, can be an incredible feeling that’s worth its weight in gold. Even just cuddling with your partner can release a feel-good hormone known as oxytocin, which strengthens the bond and trust you share with whom you’re sleeping with.

This distinction is critical because a good number of men have trouble keeping their manhood firm, or suffer from other forms of sexual dysfunction.

If you feel like you suffer from erectile dysfunction, there are a few remedies you may try such as medical weight loss, undergoing ED treatment therapy, or a custom healthy living program.

But if none of those remedies works after some time, a diagnosis and treatment from an erectile dysfunction medical professional can help reinvigorate you and put you back on track in having an active and happy sex life.

Sex Myth: You Have an Increased Risk of Suffering from a Heart Attack During Sex

The Truth: People who have sex twice a week or more have a healthier heart, according to a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

You may have heard of stories circulating the Internet about some poor fellow dropping dead while pounding it. While there’s a non-zero chance of people suffering from a heart attack during sexual intercourse, that doesn’t automatically mean that having sex is the cause of the development either.

As mentioned earlier, having an active sex life is said to decrease the risk of developing worsening heart conditions. Performing ED exercises to increase blood flow are essential for long term sexual health. Anyone can get a sudden heart attack from even the most mundane forms of physical exertion, like climbing a flight of stairs or sweeping the floor. So what makes having sex any different?

Sex Myth: You Need a Large Penis To Satisfy Your Partner

sex myths and facts large penis size satisfy partner

The Truth: Size isn’t such a big deal in the bedroom.

Porn has distorted the way men think about penis size with so much influence, a lot of people choose to hold off dating due to fear and insecurity about their penis size.

But the fact of the matter is: performance matters more.

If you’ve ever wondered about the average size of an adult male penis, this major BJU International review has found the following results:

  1. The average flaccid length of a penis is 3.6 inches.
  2. The average circumference of a flaccid penis is 3.7 inches.
  3. The average erect length of a penis is 5.1 inches.
  4. The average circumference of an erect penis is 4.5 inches

You don’t need to be packed down there to perform sexual acts and vaginal intercourse. An average penis size can be enough to provide ample sexual satisfaction with your partner.

If penetrative sex isn’t enough, what’s stopping you from using sex toys or clitoral stimulation (or penile stimulation, based on your sexual orientation) to make your partner’s head spin?

Sex is all about effectively communicating and having a good time. Don’t let your manhood’s size be a hindrance from you to have some fun.

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