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How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Permanently

how to cure erectile dysfunction permanently

Is it possible to learn how to cure erectile dysfunction permanently? Are there natural lifestyle changes that can support the success of medically sound ED treatments?

As men age, we can find ourselves struggling with the fact that we can’t do some of the things that used to come to us naturally. 

We can’t stay up as late cruising Las Olas like we used to; we don’t have the same zest for vigorous exercise. We don’t have the same fire for our work. Though it’s a completely natural part of growing older, it doesn’t make grappling with the reality of it any easier. We innately strive to be the best possible version of ourselves for as long as possible – and every day that we get further from our peak feels a little like failure. 

This sensitivity can be especially pronounced when confronting how to treat erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, this is a health concern that has evolved past a taboo subject to one that Fort Lauderdale men can feel more comfortable researching and talking about. Still, not being able to get and maintain an erection when desired is a scary thought, leading some men to look up how to fix erectile dysfunction before even experiencing it themselves. 

Before one can overcome ED, it’s essential to understand what exactly it refers to, and whether there are any ED causes or holistic steps that can support a well-rounded medical diagnosis. 

How Do I Know Whether I Have ED?

Before learning how to cure erectile dysfunction, ED must be diagnosed by a medical professional.

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by a reduced sexual appetite, and difficulty getting and/or maintaining an erection. 

A one-off occurrence can be annoying, if not slightly worrisome – however, if the condition appears to repeat for weeks, and certainly months, then it’s likely a doctor or medical professional will render an erectile dysfunction diagnosis. 

However, it is important to note that up to three-quarters of cases, ED can be attributed to neurological disease, diabetes, vascular disease, or other more serious issues. 

Fortunately, many lifestyle changes can help cure erectile dysfunction and can concurrently fight against these as well. Consulting a sexual health professional should always be your first step when deciding how you’ll approach ED treatment.   

With a diagnosis of erection problems may come recommendations for ED pills or other treatments. Many men prefer to also learn how to treat ED through lifestyle in addition to medical treatment, as both methodologies work hand in hand. After all, many of the core causes behind erectile dysfunction can be traced to natural influences like lifestyle, diet, and mental health. 

In general, natural origins can be combated through natural solutions. Below are several methods men can pursue when determining how to cure erectile dysfunction permanently.

Addressing Mental Health Issues Can Help When Treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

how to fix ED naturally mental health issues

Mental health and physical health are closely correlated. As a result, when it comes to treating ED through natural methods, assessing the neurological space is a great starting point. All of the following can have an outsized effect on sexual desire and performance:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Depression

A particularly challenging time with your partner or other close relationship can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. While some men might believe they can “wait out” their mental or emotional obstacles, ignoring ED can actually make them worse, and lead to lowered self-esteem. It’s a vicious cycle that men can find hard to break out from.

Fortunately, many of the natural remedies discussed below can also lead to positive mental health benefits.

Exercise Can Support Fixing Erectile Dysfunction Alongside Medical Treatments

exercise and mental health treat erectile dysfunction

One of the more obvious and best steps that can be taken when attempting to figure out how to cure ED naturally is to simply…take some steps. Walking for as little as 30 minutes every day will help you make “strides” toward losing weight and increasing vascular fitness by lowering your blood pressure. Getting into a regular routine of activity can also help reduce your waist size – another contributing factor to treating ED naturally.

In addition, you’re likely smart enough now to know your significant other prefers more than just physical interaction to light a spark. Invite them on your daily walks around Holiday Park and use this time to reconnect one-on-one. 

Ready to move past those half-hour walks? More intense exercise should be next on the agenda. Think back to your high school gym class and remember that a key byproduct of resistance training is improved blood flow. Even relatively light weight lifting introduces nitric oxide to your blood vessels, which has a positive effect on blood pressure. Plus, the increase in testosterone production will contribute not only to you being in the mood more often, but ready to perform when the time comes.

There’s one more obscure method that many men have not considered when researching how to cure ED fast: twice-daily Kegel exercises. Performing these helps build a strong pelvic floor, which is necessary to press on a key vein that prohibits blood from leaving the penis. 

Adjusting Your Diet Can Improve ED Treatment Success

An improved diet is widely believed to be a proven way to treat ED in tandem with a medical erectile dysfunction treatment. Even though it’s treated like a four-letter word, switching up your diet can be as simple as cutting down on your red meat intake by swapping the steaks and wings and instead grilling up some veggies and fish during your next Sunday cookout. 

The vitamins you’ll be consuming will not only increase the risk of ED on their own, but can contribute to your weight loss goals – which will also help fight erectile dysfunction. According to Harvard Health, men who decrease their waistlines from 42-inches to 32-inches can decrease the likelihood of ED by as much as 50%.

A more healthy diet can go a long way, but some men elect to incorporate additional natural supplements to treat their ED. Below are some of the more popular and well-researched options:

  • Red ginseng
  • DHEA
  • L-arginine
  • Zinc

Other Methods to Support a Cure for ED Issues

In addition to medically backed treatment methods, another way to fix erectile dysfunction is to simply get more sleep. It’s crucial to understand though that the quality of your sleep is just as important as the quantity; passing out in front of the Masters Tournament doesn’t count for much here. However, an optimized sleep schedule can help increase testosterone levels, as the secretion of this and other hormones is regulated by your body’s internal clock. Aim for a minimum of eight restful hours in your bed each night. 

Several studies over the decades regarding acupuncture treatments have shown somewhat inconclusive results when it comes to natural ED treatment and may not be strongly recommended. However, a core tenet of the practice is increasing blood flow throughout the body, which is certainly a necessity for curing erectile dysfunction. Many men have pursued this as a low-risk but potentially high-reward natural option to cure ED.

You Can Cure ED Through Medical Treatments, Supported By Natural Lifestyle Changes

There’s no true way to reverse the aging process. As men continue to age, they’ll be faced with multiple challenges that a simple dietary supplement or extra cardio won’t necessarily help. This is why consulting a men’s health professional for a customized approach and diagnosis is imperative. 

With this in mind, some easy changes can go a long way in supporting a medical strategy. This is great news for those curious as to how to cure erectile dysfunction permanently. A simple walk around the park before eating some freshly grilled fish and an early bedtime tonight can all pay great dividends for future moments of intimacy.

If you’re having issues with erectile dysfunction, call the team at Preferred Men’s Medical Center now to schedule an appointment to have a consultation with their experienced and specially trained medical staff. We are Ft Lauderdale’s leading men’s clinic providing ED therapy, PE therapy, acoustic wave therapy, hormone therapy, and much more.

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