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Benefits of Hormone Therapy For Men

The testosterone level in men is directly associated with age. The more you age, the lower your testosterone level will be. In fact, around 20% men aged over 70 are deficient in testosterone. Despite being the primary male sex hormone, testosterone serves a variety of other functions including development of secondary sexual characteristics in men, prevention of osteoporosis and treating breast cancer in women. In addition, low level of testosterone might predispose frequent mood swing, depression and loss of sexual drive. Hence, it is better to have high testosterone than vice versa.

Low level of testosterone is often associated with metabolic syndrome; a whole host of risk factors including high blood pressure increased bad cholesterol level, decreased good cholesterol level and diabetes mellitus. People who are administered exogenous testosterone have reduced bad cholesterol (LDL), increased HDL (good cholesterol), and are less likely to suffer from heart diseases. But the most interesting fact is that testosterone, in fact, reduced death risks among individuals taking supplementation.

In addition, testosterone is sometimes referred to as “youth” hormone since its administration may increase the muscle mass and reduce fatigue. Furthermore, men with erectile dysfunction might benefit by taking exogenous testosterone, though its efficacy and safety is still to be determined by large-scale studies.

Testosterone reverses the features of hypogonadism such as sleep apnea, depression, and muscle weakness. But researchers advise men to consult with a physician before taking supplementation since unregulated administration might have serious consequences for individual and poses a major health risk. Besides, older people, who are naturally testosterone deficient, are less likely to benefit from any type of testosterone supplementation.

If you think you may benefit from hormone therapy, call the team at Preferred Men’s Medical Center now to schedule an appointment to have a consultation with their experienced and specially trained medical staff. We are Fort Lauderdale’s leading erectile dysfunction clinic that provides PE therapy, hormone therapy and much more.

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