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Here Are Some Common Questions and Answers We Talk About With Our New Patients

When it comes to finding the best solution for your PE or ED you need to ask a lot of questions.

We have the answers. Here you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions and their answers. We are happy to discuss any of these topics or any other questions you have about what treatment might be best for your specific situation. Simply call us to schedule a consultation.

Can this be done over the phone?

Preferred Men’s Medical Center complies with legal regulations and must insist that patients visit our location and see us before treatment. This also helps us build a relationship with our patients, so we can determine the proper medical applications and prescribe a custom treatment solution for each patient to ensure success.

Why should I see a physician at Preferred Men’s Medical Center for sexual performance problems?

At Preferred Men’s, we focus exclusively on treating the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection to satisfy you and your partner. At our medical center, we treat men just like you several thousand times per year. Our experience makes a difference in your successful treatment. We are so confident in our methods when treating erectile dysfunction, we GUARANTEE results on your first visit or there is no cost to you!

I have tried Viagra®, Levitra®, Cialis® but they didn’t work for me. I’ve also tried herbal capsules advertised on TV and over the counter pills, which don’t work. What can Preferred Men’s Medical Center offer me that help me with my problem?

Preferred Men’s Medical Center offers FDA-approved medication specifically tailored to work when Viagra®, Levitra® and Cialis® do not. These are safe and clinically proven to be successful for issues exactly like yours. Herbal formulas are neither effective nor safe. The unregulated chemicals and herbs within them may be harmful to you and should certainly be avoided. The FDA has not approved them as medication and recognizes them only as dietary supplements.

What if I suffer from ailments such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate problems and/or removal, and if I regularly take medications for those conditions? Can Preferred Men’s Medical Center still help me and guarantee success?

Preferred Men’s physicians are experienced in helping men with the same type of problems listed above. Our medications will work for most men with these medical problems or who are taking medications for these conditions. We guarantee a penetrable and sustainable erection with the test dose of medication. Even when others have failed or the medical conditions from which you suffer compound your problem, Preferred Men’s Medical Center has the solution.

At what age should a person consider hormone therapy?

The decline of hormone levels begins as early as the late twenties for men and women. A person may begin to start feeling the symptoms of decreased hormone levels by the age of 35. Most of our patients range from early 30’s to late 50’s and older. You should have yourself checked if you are experiencing loss of muscle, increased body fat, higher levels of fatigue, loss of sex drive, irritability, loss of sleep or other symptoms of low hormone levels.

Is hormone therapy like taking steroids?

Our patients’ hormone deficiencies are treated with bio-identical hormones that are engineered to work with how the body functions. We treat our patients to bring their hormone levels back to where they are safely determined best. Steroids easily abuse hormone levels and are a dangerous way to achieve an increase in muscle mass.

How Do I Start?

Fill out the contact form or give us a call. One of our specially trained staff members will discuss your issues, needs, goals and will happily answer your preliminary questions. From there, they will help you to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. The privacy of your visit is something that we take seriously. Once you arrive at our office, your comfort is our staff’s priority.

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